20 Oct 2011
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Two in five kiwis sceptical about data speed

43% of New Zealanders question whether their ISP is delivering on promised data speed, according to a survey by customer satisfaction raters Canstar Blue.

The survey, which included customers from Vodafone, Telecom, Telstra, Woosh, Slingshot and Orcon, found the most common gripes were low data speeds, difficulty in contacting help desks, problems with billing, and being locked into contracts.

Derek Bonnar, New Zealand national manager for Canstar Blue parent Canstar Cannex, says of the providers, Woosh emerged with the highest satisfaction ratings.

"Woosh received five stars in five of the seven categories rated,” Bonnar says, "including overall satisfaction, price, tech support (after sale service), billing and download quota value for money.”

Orcon was the only other provider to be awarded five stars, in the categories of internet speed, reliability of service, and billing.

"Consumers will undoubtedly feel more confident about a purchase if hundreds of other kiwis rate it highly.”

The survey also revealed that 33% of parents agree their children are the main users of broadband in their household, and 85% support the government’s $1.5 billion investment in Ultra Fast Broadband.

Go here to read the full results.

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