Uber - better than a taxi for the same price

19 Apr 14

Living in New Zealand’s biggest city with arguably the biggest public transport problems, I’m 100% in favour for any new ideas that could get me from Ponsonby to West Auckland without having to call my mum.

Enter Uber, the app that connects you with a driver at the press of a button. Uber uses your phone’s GPS to detect your location and will connect with the nearest available driver. This way you can get picked up from anywhere – even when you’re unsure of the address.

And don’t just expect a taxi. You can choose the ride based on your requirements and budget.  Uber prides itself on a reliable pickup service, and the app allows you to track the progress of your pickup on the map.

So no more will you have to dial a taxi company, accept their ETA that is more than not a big massive lie, and play the waiting game. Your driver’s name and details will appear in the app and you can call or message them if you need to. They’ll also throw you a text when the car has arrived. How convenient is that.

The app allows you to enter your pickup and drop off address to get a fare quote. I entered my address in Te Atatu Peninsula and it’ll cost me just over thirty bucks to get into work in Ponsonby. Not too bad in these wicked times.

One thing that sets Uber apart from the rest is that it is cashless. You set up a credit card in the app and once you get dropped off, your fare is automatically charged to that credit card.

So no more asking if that taxi accept Eftpos or getting the taxi driver to stop at an ATM on the way home. And, believe it or not, you can split your fare with your fellow travel buddies. If your friends “opt in”, their credit card will be equally charged. Happy days.

After your trip, feel free to rate your driver and your Uber experience.

Uber is currently in Beta mode and will be coming to Auckland shortly. Stay tuned.

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