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UberEATS its way into the food delivery market
Mon, 1st Aug 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

From the uber cool taxi service comes UberEATS, a modern food delivery app making waves overseas.

The online transportation company's new app made its debut in March this year and is available on both iOS and Android.

America had the pleasure of experiencing UberEATS first with the app rolling out in Melbourne, Australia not long after.

Caspar Nixon, senior communications associate for Uber ANZ says there aren't any current plans to launch the app in New Zealand just yet.

However, it seems the app is getting geographically closer to Kiwi land every day.

UberEATS just launched in Sydney last week, getting us a cool 358 kilometres closer to hundreds of delicious daily deliveries.

The app is designed to deliver food from the app users favourite local restaurants. Giving people access to a broader selection of restaurants and food.

Sometimes McDonalds at midnight really isn't all that appealing, with the app (when if/it gets here) users can order from any partnering restaurants at any time. So long soggy chicken nuggets, hello scrumptious pork belly.

Jason Droege, head of UberEVERYTHING, says that matching someone with the perfect meal is a complex endeavour. 

"With the launch of the UberEATS app, we're providing an experience completely tailored to food to help you get that perfect meal," says Droege.

"In the same way Uber makes it easy to get from A to B, UberEATS makes it easy to get food from the best restaurants in your city. Because an Uber driver-partner is never more than a few minutes away, as soon as the food's ready it's on its way."