23 Mar 2011
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UFB "price book" leaked

According to a leaked ultra fast broadband price book obtained by the Herald, the cost that New Zealanders will be paying when UFB becomes a reality will start at an estimated $47 a month.

The wholesale charges revealed in the leaked documents are for the Local Fibre Companies that will bid on UFB contracts. Expect retail charges to be higher. 

"Despite the government's promise that New Zealanders will receive at least 100Mpbs downloads and 50Mbps uploads on the fibre-optic network that will cost tax payers $1.5 billion, the price book shows that the entry-level service runs at more modest 30Mbps downstream and 10Mbps upstream,” reports The New Zealand Herald. 

In the documents Crown Fibre Holdings outlined wholesale costs for a range of services including internet TV and telephony options, as well as wi-fi ports and standard phone service.

You can find a table of the costs over on the Herald.

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