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Uncharted 3 releases updates

08 Aug 12

The latest patch for Uncharted 3 is available now, and will up the number of trophies in the game to more than 100 – the most this generation.

This is patch number 13 for the game since its release, but it’s the biggest so far and will aim to flesh out the multiplayer aspects of the game.

Updates are available now, however the full content of the patch won’t be released until August 14 through an automatic PS update.

Each week in September will see another trophy patch release, adding ten DLC trophies each time – bringing the grand total of Uncharted 3 trophies to 105, beating out previous title-holder Burnout’s 98 trophy count.

These trophies will all be related to the multiplayer content of the game. Some DLC can be unlocked by earning in-game levels, acquiring specific treasures, or for the very, very eager, purchasing it at the PS Store. Although I’m inherently against purchasing items, Jak Goggles do sound pretty cool and are only available for purchase.

Another new introduction is the tournament system, where players compete in a points-based competition with special weapons and items as potential rewards for success.

Other additions from the patch include special maps designed by Naughty Dog artists to provide more multiplayer variety; for a full list of the changes click here

It seems to be the week of the patch – first Metal Gear Solid 4 receives its big re-booter, and now Uncharted 3 gets one of the most sizeable updates of this generation. Perhaps I was wrong about game developers, and EA will someday release a game that requires no DLC or subscription. But I doubt it.