02 Sep 2015
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University implements online system to ease enrolment headaches

By Shannon Williams

Lincoln University is implementing a new online system that is set to streamline the enrolment process for its students and staff.

The university expects MyLinc to increase enrolments and provide world-class security protection.

The system was designed by business IT consultancy Koorb and built on Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Online platform, and aims to bring the university’s student applications processes into line with best current technology options, moving the enrolment system from a paper-based to a digital environment.

Jeremy Baker, deputy vice chancellor for Lincoln University’s International and Business Development, says the university is excited to be able to offer the improved service to potential students.

“MyLinc makes it easy for students to apply to study, for accommodation and for scholarships all using a single portal, and to be able to monitor progress with those applications,” he says. “We want to make the process of choosing to study at Lincoln as simple and student-centric as possible, and we believe the MyLinc portal is a great step in that direction.”

MyLinc makes getting the right information, at the right time, to the right easy, according to director of Student Administration, Rachele Allan.

“We aim for administration at Lincoln University to be as simple and hassle free as possible so that students can get on with their study,” says Allan. “Our long term vision is for MyLinc to span the entire student journey from applicant to graduate and alumni.”

She adds, “This is step one in a multi-phase project that will eventually incorporate functions like enrolments, checking exam results and the graduation processes.”

Student Connection Services manager Siobhan Nettle says the single portal system has also increased applicants’ awareness of Lincoln-funded scholarships, which now appear alongside study and accommodation information.

Other benefits include being able to save an application and return to it later, and education agents being able to manage international student applications.

Evan Blackman, education sector firector for Microsoft New Zealand, praised the work of Koorb and Lincoln University in developing the system, which he says will also provide vital protection of student data with the security that comes by running the system via the Microsoft cloud.

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