FutureFive NZ - [UPDATE] Gears of War 3 officially announced

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[UPDATE] Gears of War 3 officially announced

EPIC Games’ Cliff Bleszinski has just officially announced on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that Gears of War III will release in April 2011.

The poorly kept secret was finally made official with Bleszinski revealing the game’s trailer, entitled ‘Ashes to Ashes’. The 73-second clip played to the tune 'Heron Blue' by Sun Kil Moon.

“It’s a trailer that outlines the world that we’re going to see in Gears of War 3,” said Bleszinski before rolling the clip.

Bleszinski briefly mentioned some of the new inclusions after the clip played, such as double-barreled shotguns and new, tentacled monsters that can reach players from behind cover.

“We have female soldiers finally in the game, by the way,” added Bleszinski.

Stay tuned to Game Console for the Gears of War 3 trailer!

UPDATE - 5.12pm: The interview and accompanying trailer can be streamed from the official Late Night with Jimmy Fallon site.

You can see the first trailer here.

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