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Urinal video games launched in the UK

30 Nov 2011

A new development by Captive Media has given a whole new meaning to the term ‘hands free’ – and this time they’re really taking the piss.

As reported by Tech Digest, the company has released a series of games developed by eg Technology, designed to be played at urinals and controlled entirely by the flow of a man’s urine stream.

The system consists of a high-definition screen, fitted at eye-level above the urinal. When approached it turns into a gaming screen.

The player controls the on-screen action by directing his flow left or right. The toilets have integrated infra-red sensors which can then control the game depending on where the urine lands.

Designed for bars and pubs, Captive Media is already talking about online leaderboards, Twitter tie-ins, and promotional opportunities, both pre-game, in-game and post-game.

Evidently men are vulnerable to these promotions, with the company claiming some of the products advertised in trials have seen sales increase by up to 50%.

The new technology will flow into bars and other venues from early next year, although how popular it will be remains to be seen.

Are urinal games a brilliant, revelatory stroke of genius, or perhaps the most pointless development of a generation? Comment below and let us know.