FutureFive NZ - US Air Force to replace manuals with iPads

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US Air Force to replace manuals with iPads

Many airlines around the world are looking at ways to use the Apple iPad to enhance the travel experience for passengers and make life easier for crew and cabin staff

Now, the US Air Force is following suit, announcing it has awarded a US$9.36 million contract to a US-based computer services company to purchase as many as 18,000 of the popular tablet devices.

As reported by Bloomberg, the military division will use the iPads to replace the paper manuals and navigation charts carried by crew members. 

The deal comes as Apple is about to release its highly anticipated next-generation iPad, expected to be dubbed the iPad 3.

The model covered by the deal is the 32GB iPad 2, which retails in the US for $599 but for which the Air Force will pay around $520 per unit.

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