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Used game sales strangling industry: developer

While everybody seems to be cracking down on illegal downloads and file sharing, one game developer is suggesting a block on used games for the next generation of consoles.

In a post on the AltDevBlog, Jameson Durall of Volition games – the company behind Red Faction: Armageddon – says the public don’t realise just how much used games are damaging the gaming industry.

Durall adds that a block on used games for the Xbox 720 would not surprise him, and would be good for the industry.

"Personally I think this would be a fantastic change for our business and even though the consumers would be up in arms about it at first… they will grow to understand why and that it won’t kill them,” he says.

Although this is merely a rumour at this stage, it has to be said the man does make sense – in a year where both Sony and Nintendo have recorded massive financial losses, it can only be assumed that developers like these, and Microsoft, will be looking for anything to protect their sales.

Durall says the developers would simply have to require an online code to register a game to one console, and suggests issues like game lending and rentals could be figured out.

Retail stores in New Zealand run a firm trade in used games, particularly specialty gaming stores, but Durall says these stores will continue to thrive – and if they don’t, that’s just tough.

"The truth is, they aren’t concerned with how this business is affecting us so why should I care how these changes will affect them?”

Durall seems pretty adamant used games are killing the industry; I have to admit I very rarely pay full price for a brand new game. 

If used games become a thing of the past will you still be buying, or will you be waiting for prices to drop on new games? Comment below and let us know.

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