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Valentia Technologies to defend vigorously against Medtech's claims
Wed, 24th Jan 2024

Valentia Technologies, a trailblazer in the cloud-based Practice Management Systems (PMS) sector within New Zealand's healthcare industry, has announced its intention to strenuously defend itself against legal allegations made by one of its competitors, Medtech.

Medtech secured a preservation order against Valentia Technologies, granted by the NZ High Court last month.

Dr Ahmad Javad, Managing Director of Valentia Technologies, remarked, "The current allegations against us seem to mirror previous claims made by the same long-standing and dominant competitor in the market." He also recalls a similar situation in 2018 that saw allegations raised by the same competitor, ultimately leading to nothing, as they were withdrawn without any wrongdoing or liability against Valentia.

Dr Javad voiced his belief that the current claims, much like the ones from 2018, have no merit and will ultimately be unsuccessful. He revealed that their legal team is planning on filing an application to rescind without notice orders imposed by the High Court last month, which were established in the absence of Valentia.

In response to a narrative presented by their competitor suggesting potential risks to patient health and safety due to their data management practices, Dr Javad strongly rejected these claims, stating that patient safety and data integrity are fundamentally important to Valentia Technologies in their technological processes and innovations.

As their share in the New Zealand PMS market rapidly grows, the company recognises the competitive challenges within the industry. However, Valentia Technologies remains firm in its commitment to ethical competition, as evident from its practices that lie in line with this commitment. "We are dedicated to collaborating with our clients and partners, focusing on standards-based interoperability, and working closely with Te Whatu Ora to contribute to the success of HIRA and similar industry initiatives," Dr Javad added.

According to Dr Javad, the complexities of PMS systems, in particular, their modern, cloud-based PMS system (indici PMS), demands a nuanced understanding. He stressed that the narrative proposed by their competitor oversimplifies these systems, potentially leading to misinformation amongst stakeholders about their actual operations.

"We believe it is important to correct this narrative, not just for the sake of Valentia Technologies, but for the integrity of the healthcare technology industry as a whole. We welcome the opportunity to clarify these matters and correct this unjust and misleading narrative in the appropriate forum and will rigorously defend our systems and practices," he stated.

Dr Javad concluded by expressing appreciation for the support and trust placed in Valentia Technologies by its clients and partners. The firm is committed to maintaining ethical business conduct while navigating through the legal process. "We will continue our mission to innovate and deliver advanced healthcare technology solutions. We are committed to supporting healthcare providers and enhancing patient care through our cutting-edge technology," Dr Javad concluded.