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Vanquish pre-order trailer unveiled

SEGA has released a trailer showcasing what those who pre-order the upcoming sci-fi shooter Vanquish can expect as exclusive bonuses.

Those who pre-order Vanquish will receive a tri-weapon download pack that will add the following exclusive weaponry to the player's arsenal:

  • Boost Machine Gun - a conversion of the Heavy Machine Gun carried by space-based troops into an assault weapon for use against light armour.
  • Laser Cannon - this miniaturised spaceship cannon is the most powerful portable weapon available to infantry soldiers under Joint Space Operations Command.
  • Anti-Armour Pistol - a next-gen anti-armour gun. Due to its heavy weight and unique ammunition, military operators put its further development on hold.
Of course, you can see the aforementioned weapons in action in the following video if a wall of text hasn't convinced you.