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Vector blamed for Orcon outage

06 Oct 2010

Yesterday Orcon suffered two outages; one in the early hours of the morning and another later in the day.

“Many Orcon customers were without service for part of yesterday after two separate issues,” the company has since explained.

“In the early hours of the morning there was a problem with Vector’s Communications Network, resulting in an outage that started at just after midnight, and was resolved by 2.30am. This outage affected a number of telecommunications companies, including Orcon,” the firm said.

The second incident has been blamed on one of Orcon’s four power distribution boards at its Northcote data centre failing around midday.

Orcon said, “The equipment needed to be replaced to restore services, and whilst Orcon’s core network remained operational, some Orcon customers could not access the internet for around 30 minutes. Some co-location customers were affected for longer, but are now all back in service.”