FutureFive NZ - Video: RockMelt social browser goes live - try it

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Video: RockMelt social browser goes live - try it

RockMelt’s mission to re-imagine your online experience with a browser that makes it super easy to stay in touch with friends, search online, and get updates from your favourite websites.

It’s built on top of Chromium (Google’s Chrome Engine) and up until the last 24 hours, access to the web browser was via invite only.

"RockMelt can now be downloaded without an invitation,” beams the company behind it.

"Since launching in private beta in November 122 days ago, we’ve been hard at work improving RockMelt and creating the best user experience possible. During that time, we’ve updated RockMelt over 15 times and added a bunch of new features like a YouTube app and Quick Launch.”

More "exciting announcements” are promised for the coming weeks.

Here’s a video that should at least persuade you to give it a try. We're loving it.

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