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Viking: Battle For Asgard – Xbox 360

Just like games about ninja’s and dragons, Viking games tend to have an aura about them that just makes them interesting. And everyone likes to compare them to other games that have gone before, as is the case with Viking: Battle for Asgard and Conan (which was released last year).

Viking and Conan don’t really share many similarities other than the fact they are both loosely based on a character that resembles ‘Arnie’ from his movie days as Conan, prior to becoming a politician.

That said games (just like movies) about Vikings tend to lean towards the violent side of the action genre with copious amounts of blood and disembodied limbs flying around everywhere. Viking: Battle for Asgard does not hold back on this either, which is great!

Viking begins rather slowly as you make your way around the world taking out any bad guys that seem to get in your way. As the warrior Skarin, your mission is to bring together all the forces of Midgard to do battle against the evil goddess, Freya. Simple storyline, but games like this normally don’t require too much thinking, usually.

And that’s where Viking gradually becomes much more than just your average hack n’ slash game. The game progresses from single player hack n’ slash goodness to battles of near epic proportion requiring tactical and even strategic input from the player. The game takes on an RTS feel to it which should please RTS fans out there as well as giving hack n’ slash gamers one more bloody thrill.

Although the storyline isn’t very engaging, the battle sequences more than make up for any shortcomings. Visually, Viking: Battle for Asgard is quite well presented and the voice acting isn’t irritating (as tends to be the case with so many games like this).

Viking: Battle for Asgard should be a good title for action fans and if you’re a fan of Viking myths, you’ll definitely get a kick and a half out of this.

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