FutureFive NZ - Vivaldi browser + Ecosia search = tree planting galore


Vivaldi browser + Ecosia search = tree planting galore

It’s always refreshing to read about technology being used for a good environmental cause. The Vivaldi web browser has teamed up with Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees. Vivaldi users can see their web searches result in trees being planted in the world’s most environmentally at-risk areas.

An impressive 80% (or more) or search ad revenue earned by Ecosia is donated to tree planting programmes around the world.

Since 2009, Ecosia has planted more than 7 million trees with the goal of reaching 1 billion by 2020. With the help of Vivaldi users this goal is looking more and more achievable.

Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Vivaldi Technologies is stoked to be teaming up with the eco-friendly search engine.

“We are proud to join forces with Ecosia and look forward to our users making a real difference to the environment by simply searching the web,” he says.

“At Vivaldi, we strongly believe in putting people in charge of their browsing experience, and by including Ecosia, we give our eco-conscious users easy access to a greener search engine option.”

Ecosia uses Bing’s technology, enhanced with its own algorithms. When users are searching with Ecosia a small tree counter appear corner of the screen shows a personal record of the user’s contribution to tree planting. Being able to literally see the environmental impact is a nice touch, and makes the search engine even more enticing for those who are a bit more green in their beliefs.

Ecosia CEO Christian Kroll shares von Tetzchner’s enthusiasm about the partnership.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Vivaldi and their users,” he says.

“This will be a huge step towards our goal of financing the planting of 1 billion trees by 2020, proving that technology really can empower millions to have a tangible impact on the planet.”

Tree planting initiatives are a great way to get people involved in the conservation of the natural environment. While the spotlight is constantly shining on Google, (and not for no reason, their green intiatives are well documented and generally pretty awesome) Ecosia deserves some praise for this innovative use of search engine ad revenue.

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