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Vodafone announces ‘Blacklist’ service

02 Nov 10

Vodafone will launch a 'Blacklist' service from November 8th, which gives its customers the power to block incoming text messages from certain numbers.

The free service can be activated by texting 'Blacklist Add [mobile number]' to 713 from a Vodafone mobile.

This will then prevent any TXT or PXT messages from up to 20 different numbers on any network from reaching your phone.

Vodafone says its contact centre receives 6000 calls per year concerning text bullying. This new service is intended as a "first line of defence".

"This is one of several initiatives we've taken a leadership position on as part of our commitment to encourage our customers to use their mobiles responsibly," said Vodafone's General Manager of Consumer Marketing, Kursten Shalfoon. "We're proud to be the first in New Zealand to offer this service, and we've made it free so that all our customers can access Vodafone Blacklist when and if they need to."

According to Shalfoon, "a second phase of increased controls for parents will be launched in early 2011".