Vodafone extends BestMate to the home

22 Jun 12

Vodafone is extending its BestMate mobile offering to landline customers, offering unlimited calls to up to five mobile or landline numbers with its new ‘BestMates for home phone’ offering.

The feature will be included for free with the new Choice and Mega home and broadband plans, and as a $20 add-on for the Basic and Easy plans.

Calls will be limited to two hours per call, although in theory there’s nothing to stop users from simply hanging up and calling again.

According to Vodafone, the average kiwi makes 71% of their calls to the same five phone numbers every month.

Greg Campbell, chief marketing officer for Vodafone, says the new offering lets people make those calls without having to worry about what it’s costing.

"We all enjoy the freedom of using our home phone to chat,” Campbell says, "but sometimes fear the costs of contacting friends and family when we’re out and about.

"With BestMates for home phone, you can talk to friends and family anytime without worrying about what it costs.”

Go here for more on the ‘BestMates for home phone’ feature, and here for info on the new plans.

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