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Vodafone fastest for iPhone 5

Independent tests using iPhone 5 in the Auckland and Wellington CBDs found Vodafone’s network to be significantly fastest.

In tests conducted by mobile broadband specialists Epitiro on all three of New Zealand’s mobile networks, Vodafone was up to twice as fast as its nearest competitor in Auckland and close to 50% faster in Wellington.

The report found Vodafone’s download speed was faster than any other operator in both cities with the company 96% faster than Telecom NZ and 110% faster than 2degrees in Auckland with an average speed of 14.7Mbps.

In the capital the company showed a 52% faster download speed than Telecom NZ and 87% than 2degrees.

Upload speed showed similar differences with the telco firm twice as fast as Telecom NZ or 2degrees in Auckland with an average speed of 2.4Mpbs, while offering a 75% faster speed than Telecom NZ and 31% faster than 2degrees in Wellington.

iPhone 5 is currently the only smartphone commercially available in New Zealand capable of supporting Dual Carrier HSPA technology.

But Sandra Pickering, Vodafone chief technology officer, says although iPhone 5 is currently the only smartphone which supports Dual Carrier HSPA, the new iPad and a data stick (the K4605 available from Vodafone) also support this high speed.

“Vodafone is the home of the iPhone – we were first to bring it to New Zealand in 2008 and now this independent testing shows that in Auckland and Wellington iPhone 5 is fastest on Vodafone," she says.

"Anyone looking for the best performance from their iPhone 5 need look no further than Vodafone.

“Whether it’s watching what your friends are up to on Facebook, downloading files from email, or watching YouTube clips – on the Vodafone network, you can do it even faster.”

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