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Vodafone launches new endless data plans for consumers and business customers
Thu, 27th Feb 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Vodafone New Zealand has revealed the details of its new mobile phone plans for its pay monthly and business customers.

The redesigned mobile plans, which the telecommunications firm says is a first for New Zealand, offer an endless supply of mobile data, with the difference in plans being the amount of data that runs at max speed.

“In today's world we cannot get enough data, whether it's for streaming music, uploading video, using apps, sending files, gaming, or a myriad of other amazing things. We've listened to what our customers are telling us,” says Vodafone NZ consumer director Carolyn Luey.

“We've seen a massive increase in data usage over recent years and with Vodafone New Zealand's investments in capacity and 5G network roll out, we are now ready to meet the needs of data hungry customers. Our new, endless data mobile plans will free them from the fear of running out of data at those crucial moments," she says.

Vodafone NZ reports that it has seen an average 52% increase in mobile data consumption year-on-year over the last three years and a large increase in customers looking for greater data limits.

A recent consumer study commissioned by Vodafone and conducted by independent market researcher Colmar Brunton found that 78% of New Zealand mobile telecommunications customers say it is important that they have access to (and credit to use) data on their mobile phone.

“Mobile data has become a way of life,” says Luey.

“Like petrol in your car or milk in your fridge, the large majority of Kiwis now expect to always have data on their phones for life on the go, so we want to make sure they always do.

Vodafone's new Endless Data mobile plans are available from February 26 at four different price points. The lowest cost plan will be $40 and offers 4GB of data at max speed, while the top end plan offers great value at $100 per month with 100GB at max speed. Once customers exceed their max speed data they will be able to continue to using data at a reduced speed.

“Even when customers run out of their max speed data, they will still be able to do things they love like listen to music, update their social media, and important activities like order ride-share transport, send an email or use a GPS map online,” says Luey.

“Our higher data usage customers will also love the Extra Large plan with 100GB of data at max speed – New Zealand's most generous amount of max speed data on the market – at an incredible value of only $1 per gigabyte. These data-munchers will be able to enjoy activities such as hours and hours of video streamed at high-definition quality, and uploads and downloads happening as fast as the network and their device allows," she says.

Luey says business customers will also be able to take advantage of the endless data on these plans as well.

"Plus we have introduced a new Business Team Plan where, when combined with our Business Lead Plan, up to ten team members can each enjoy the benefits of endless data with 40GB Max Speed," she adds.

“As we continue to roll out our 5G network across the country, Vodafone customers on our new plans will also have the freedom to experience the awesome speeds and low lag times that it brings,” says Luey.

“We're stoked to be able to offer our customers a full suite of plans with endless data, in what we believe is a market-first for mobile plans. Our Vodafone New Zealand customers can enjoy their lives with the freedom of knowing they now no longer need to worry about running out of mobile data.

In a special launch offer, Vodafone New Zealand will be offering its two largest new plans at half price for the first three months.