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Vodafone’s new streaming box launches in NZ
Mon, 23rd Sep 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Vodafone's second-generation streaming box, Vodafone TV, goes on sale to all New Zealanders today.

This ‘plug and play' device turns a TV into a smart TV, including the ability to record content, and rewind free-to-air and Sky channels for up to three days.

For simplicity, a range of popular apps that Kiwis love and want are pre-loaded onto Vodafone TV including TVNZOnDemand, ThreeNow, Sky, Sky Sport, Netflix and YouTube – and soon will include NEON, Lightbox, Amazon Prime Video and PlayStuff.

Vodafone NZ consumer director Carolyn Luey is excited about the potential this new device unlocks.

“We're confident Kiwis will love the new version of Vodafone TV and it represents a step up in terms of capability and experience. You don't need to be a Vodafone broadband customer to access the viewing experience of Vodafone TV and wireless connectivity is inbuilt into the new device.

“The standalone Vodafone TV will offer Kiwi consumers a way to access local and international content, with an interface curated for local viewers and your favourite apps and channels are in one place.

“Vodafone TV is designed to be the one device you need to turn a TV into a smart TV – or make a smart TV even smarter – with an intuitive electronic program guide, up to 500 hours of cloud-based recording and three-day rewind. It's priced with one upfront cost, which we hope will appeal to value-driven consumers.

Vodafone TV comes pre-loaded with a range of content apps and consumers can choose to purchase as many or as few as they want on an ongoing basis.

They can also choose to add Sky Channels via the Vodafone TV customer portal using their credit card, with no minimum term.

Luey adds, “We will continue to look at ways to further enhance Vodafone TV alongside our overall customer service experience, which is a major focus area for the business.

The new standalone Vodafone TV works with any unlimited Fibre broadband connection from any provider, and is 4K capable.

Consumers will be able to buy the new standalone Vodafone TV device for $179 from any Vodafone store or in leading retailers around New Zealand.