Vodafone wants to know your ...

05 Jul 11

Vodafone is inviting Kiwis to ‘share everything’ that is happening in their world for 24 hours as the telco attempts to capture a snapshot of New Zealand life through the eyes of social media.

"Share everything day” follows Vodafone launching an add-on providing customers non-stop access to Facebook and Twitter for $6/month, without it counting towards data allowance.

Tweets, TXTs, PXTs and status updates will form the script of what Vodafone says is New Zealand’s first social media snapshot, aimed at providing insight into what Kiwis are sharing with their friends, fans and follows and how we, as a nation, use social media.

Anyone with internet or a Vodafone mobile phone will be able to submit content via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or MMS, withthe pictures, videos, TXTs, tweets and audio files packaged into a short film providing a snapshot of what New Zealand looked like on 08 July. The film will be released at an online premiere at midday, 15 July, hosted on the Vodafone New Zealand Facebook page.

Social media commentator Rachel Goodchild says Kiwis are unique in their use of social media, in part due to our geographic isolation, events such as the Christchurch earthquake and our population size. "I am fascinated by what we may discover.”

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