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Voices ~ fun voice morphing!

04 Dec 2009

Ever wish you could change your voice to something more fun? Well, now you can with Voices! Just say something silly into your iPhone or capture a friend saying something particularly embarrassing. Then make it sound even MORE ridiculous with your choice of over a dozen different voices. You'll sound hilarious as a squeaky CHIPMUNK, a futuristic CYBORG, and a super-slow TURTLE with Voices. Ever wondered what you'd sound like through a retro synthesizer VOCODER? Through a MEGAPHONE? On HELIUM? Voices can do it all without you actually having to get any of those things. Oh, and did we mention that the coolest thing about the app is that you can turn your voice into a sweet GUITAR… wah-wah-chicka-wah! FEATURES: have fun changing your voice 17 different ways slick, stylish user interface save your favourite recordings share your recordings with friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter a guarantee to put a smile on your face! Once you try Voices, you'll be surprised at how boring your regular old voice really is! iPod touch users please note - Voices CAN work on an iPod touch but ONLY if you have an external microphone (which isn't supplied by Apple when you bought your iPod touch). If you have a first generation iPod touch, be aware that microphones aren't supported, and as such Voices will NOT function, so please do not purchase. Phone users please note - If you can't hear your recordings, make sure your phone isn't on vibrate. And most importantly… have fun!