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Voting via iPad

With just over two weeks until New Zealand goes to the polls, one state in the US is adopting new technology to make sure everyone can cast their ballot.

As part of a special election to replace former US Rep. David Wu, who resigned three months ago amidst a sex scandal, the state of Oregon is allowing citizens in five counties to vote using iPads.

Election workers are touring the five counties armed with portable printers and iPads loaded with a special voting app. They are mostly visiting retirement homes and care facilities, where they find the largest numbers of voters who are unable to fill out paper voting forms. 

If all goes well, though, the state could put the technology to use in later, larger elections, officials say.

In addition to allowing the user to simply tap the screen to pick a candidate, the voting app can read out the candidates’ names and even the voter pamphlet. 

The iPads are cheaper and more portable than previous voting systems for people with disabilities, meaning officials will be able to visit more locations and process more votes for less money.

Apple donated five of the iPads used in the programme. 

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