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Warfront – Turning Point – PC

World War II strategy games are available in abundance, an aside from Company of Heroes, generally do little to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. Warfront immediately seeks to do this, exploring an alternate reality of World War II in which Hitler is assassinated in the early days of the war. This in addition to a Sci-Fi twist certainly establishes Warfront as unique in the WWII strategy genre.
With the assassination of Hitler, Germany decides to refocus its attention from the extermination of innocent people, to the development and construction of new weapons. As countries are involved in a war, this leads to a technology race of sorts between the Axis, the Soviets and the Allies.
 All 3 sides have been divided in this alternate situation, and are all playable races. Each has their own specialties which are slightly out there to say the least. The Germans have air to ground weapons and have also created mech like units similar to those seen in Battlefield 2142. The Soviets have decided to inflict a frozen wrath on their foes, with ice cannons blasting liquid nitrogen at enemies. Perhaps the strangest specialty is the Allies “earthquake bombs” and shield generators.
Warfront features a solid mix of unique Sci-Fi units and traditional WWII units. Players will have the chance to control everything from Nazi’s on jetpack, Sherman Tanks, Underground personnel carriers, standard infantry and grunts equipped with flamethrowers.
Graphically the game is great, highly detailed models, great environments and fantastic explosions, though it does require a high-spec computer to take full advantage of these goodies. The audio is heavily repeated, particularly commands, though this is seen in most RTS games.
Warfront is primarily a standard RTS game when it comes to game play. It plays and feels like just about every other strategy game out there, even with the RPG and Hero elements. There is a small FPS section where players can take control of bunkers and fire at incoming planes and tanks, this turns out to be more of an annoyance than anything and most players will skip right over it. There are the standard two single player campaigns which boast over 70 minutes of cut-scenes and feature an appealing albeit strange story. There are also single and multiplayer skirmish modes which are stock standard, apart from the multiplayer option where “secret orders” are given, providing an alternate method for victory, unique to each player.
Though Warfront certainly isn’t revolutionary in any-way, it is quite a bit of fun. The unique units and general un-traditional feel to the game make it a strategy game worth playing.

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