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Warioware: Smooth Moves for Wii

Unless you’re an avid follower of Nintendo games, chances are you will be totally blown away by Warioware: Smooth   Moves on the Wii. This game will literally have you in stitches and addicted to the fun so fast, you’ll probably  forget to sleep, as we almost did!

The animation alone really is something. The use of vibrant colour is the first thing you’ll notice. The animation style is  very Japanese. You simply cannot escape the comical Japanese game show atmosphere that is present throughout the game and it’s this game show theme that essentially makes Warioware: Smooth Moves one of the most entertaining Wii  games around.

Warioware: Smooth Moves is like one big competition where you’re able to put your mastery of the Wii remote and  Nunchuk to the ultimate test. There are all sorts of different games and mini games to try where each game is focused  on a specific type of movement or skill with the Wii remote. Whether its using your remote to pick the nostrils of a giant  floating nose or shave the whiskers from the side of an animated face, Warioware: Smooth Moves is challenging  and fun on so many levels.

Warioware: Smooth Moves also has a very simplistic storyline that centres on Wario as the main character who  stumbles upon a Wii remote and thus begins his weird and eventful journey through Diamond City. The levels are set up  like a map where you get to choose and visit different locations to progress in points and beat the ‘Boss Levels’.  Obviously, the more games you win, the more points you accumulate. And as you pass each test or game, the events increase in speed and difficulty. Each game you compete in is also on a timer so not only do you have to complete the  game but you’re racing against the clock.

There are so many different ways you can interact with this game using the Wii remote. With Warioware: Smooth  Moves you get to use the remote in various different ‘stances’ such as holding it horizontally to pump up and pop a  balloon, or by using the remote in the ‘Umbrella Stance’ to swat flies or control an animated hand to drink a glass of  water. Mastering each of the techniques is a lot more difficult than it looks, which is why it’s so much fun.

The cut scenes are also comical and whacky and instructions on how to use the remote are delivered via diagram,  accompanied by a rather slow speaking voice reading the directions. The voice alone is enough to make you think this  game is whacky but the instructions are equally as humorous. Essentially, humour and fun is what this game is all about.

The music in Warioware: Smooth Moves is as much a part of the game as the actual storyline, providing the perfect  upbeat background music that keeps you interested and enthused. The Wii games often take a lot of energy and enthusiasm to complete but Warioware: Smooth Moves just oozes hours of entertaining gameplay.

One of the coolest things about this game is that anyone can have fun playing it. Warioware: Smooth Moves appeals to  any age group and although the focus of the game may seem like it’s aimed at the younger generation, don’t let thatfool  you into thinking it’s not a game that adults can enjoy. Warioware: Smooth Moves could easily supply hours of fun for the entire family.

• There is so much variety, you’ll be pushed for choice to decide which game is more fun.
• With a lively and upbeat soundtrack, you’ll barely notice the hours you’ve spent playing – highly addictive.

• There’s so much going on, it’s hard to keep track and it’s easy to get lost in the game.
• The whacky style of animation and Japanese humour may not appeal to everyone and it may take a specific type of  consumer/gamer to enjoy its authentic appeal

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