Watch two gamers defeat Diablo III on 'Hardcore Inferno' mode

22 Jun 12

Although many gamers deemed the task impossible, two valiant team-mates have banished evil from the realms of Diablo III’s Hardcore Inferno mode.

For the uninitiated, it might not seem like such a feat – but considering that in order to reach Inferno mode, players must work their way through Normal, Nightmare and Hell difficulty levels, it’s pretty impressive.

It’s even more impressive if you remember that in Hardcore mode, if your character dies once you have to start again, right from the beginning.

But against all the odds, like two pale-faced, basement-dwelling Rocky Balboas, in-game team-mates Kripp and Krippi became the first people in the world to defeat Diablo in Hardcore Inferno mode.

What makes it even more interesting is that the two worked to a deadline, determined to beat the boss before Blizzard released a patch to lower the difficulty.

To add even more pressure, the fight itself was streamed in its half-hour entirety, live to 45,000 viewers.

I’ve had my doubts about Diablo III and its release, but this news brought a pretty big smile to my face – it’s a very clear demonstration that despite how much everybody seems to hate each other in the Call of Duty community, some gamers are just representin’.

If I ever had street cred, it’s gone after that sentence, but I stand by it; 45,000 gamers watched as two fanatics took it to what is quite possibly the hardest boss in video game history and won. It’s like the Olympics, but far less energetic and with more repetitive strain injuries.

You can watch the battle here. Inferno mode’s difficulty has now officially been moderated in the latest 1.0.3 patch, but you can still check out this handy guide with some new Inferno mode strategies, so maybe we can have a Kiwi in the ranks of the almighty Diablo slayers.

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