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Web TV with a Nyer Ziln Accent

A New Zealand-based Internet TV service is now up and running.

Ziln TV (ziln.co.nz) is a partnership between TelstraClear and e-cast, an Auckland company which produces  educational video and Web television.

Ziln’s content ranges from international channels (news, business and foreign language) to local content that  includes Archives New Zealand material, locally made movies and lifestyle channels.

Ziln is free and accessible by anyone in New Zealand and around the world with a broadband connection.  Channels on the basic platform can be viewed at no charge at bitrates from 128k, 256k, 384k and 768k.

Ziln’s Director - Online Development, Gresham Bradley, told NetGuide that niche audiences are key to its  success.

“Ziln brings in both international live streaming channels, but also and probably most importantly long-term, puts  in front of ordinary New Zealand content providers, producers and advertisers, the tools they need to  deliver content directly to small target audiences through the concept of a channel,” he said.

‘Streamed content’ is viewable live online, but can’t be downloaded or saved. It’s free to view, and then a  purchasing system is available for content that viewers want to keep. It can be purchased as pay-per-view, a  download, or ordered on a DVD. 

At the time of writing, Ziln was running a local film festival, titles including Ngati, Mr Wrong and Goodbye  Pork Pie. After the free streamed viewing the fi lms were available to purchase for $5 (PPV), $9.95  (download) or $19 (DVD).

International channels on Ziln include English language news from Aljazeera, Russia Today, Voice of  America, Press TV (Iran) DW-TV (Germany), Bloomberg Television and Channel News Asia.  Foreignlanguage channels include German, Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, French and Hindi.

On the local front there’s regional, ethnic, educational and international programming from Stratos, the online  educational channel Hot Science, Airside TV for aviation buffs (a car buffs’ channel is coming soon), lifestyle  programmes on Trends TV, and The Outdoor Channel for the hunting and fishing brigade.

In development now are channels for the real estate and travel industries, and ex-stream.tv, covering sports  outside the mainstream areas. Later in the year you can expect to see a Polynesian or Pasifika channel, a  health channel, plus business-tobusiness and music channels.

At press time, a shopping channel was within days of being launched. People who register with the online  shopping club get $100 to spend there, and the chance to earn loyalty points from participating retailers.

Of course, online viewers need to be aware that streamed video does eat up their data allowance, so if they  don’t watch their viewing, they could find themselves facing a hefty ISP bill.

For now though, Ziln offers a tremendous range of programming outside the broadcasting spectrum. Have a  browse – you’re bound to find something of interest.

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