What does it take to self-publish on the PS4?

17 Jul 13

In the wake of rumours that Microsoft may be changing its previous stance on self-publishing, Sony has released information on the simplicity of the self-publishing process on the PlayStation 4.

Agostino Simonetta, senior account manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, gave a talk in Brighton’s Develop Conference last week outlining how the system will work, with the slogan: “No hurdles, just games.”

Simonetta claimed those developing for PS4 would have complete control over the process, from beginning to end, including release date and access to feedback.

Sony will also offer feedback to self-publishing developers but there is no obligation to follow the advice, or for Sony to give feedback at all if it is unwanted.

Once a developer submits their game, Simonetta said it will take only a week before it goes live, and they are then able to choose when exactly the game will appear on sale.

He did say however, that the quality of the game will indicate how much traction Sony will give to the marketing. If the game isn’t up to Sony’s standards, then it may not get as much attention.

Sony has previously said that they are a beacon for self-published indie games.

“We’re always looking for things that people wouldn’t be able to do normally. Like, really art-house stuff," said Adam Boyes, vice president of publisher and developer relations for Sony’s North American branch.

“We really want to feature them, and have an artful platform for people to put content on.”

Will Sony’s policies on self-publishing and indie games influence your choice of consoles later this year? Let us your thoughts below

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