White iPhone 4 reappears

25 Jan 11

Last October Apple officially delayed the white iPhone 4, blaming the manufacturing process for the wait.

In a short statement the company said, “White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have continued to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected, and as a result they will not be available until later this year.”

Fast forward to January 2011 and US retailers Best Buy and AT&T have word on two different models of a white iPhone 4 in their online account management systems.

Unsurprisingly the models listed are 16GB and 32GB.

There’s no word on when they might be released but the internet reckons late February or early March in the US. Of course Apple hasn’t made any sort of update regarding the white model as yet.

Maybe it’s keeping that for the heavily-rumoured iPhone 5 announcement?

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