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Who are your PlayStation All Stars?

For once the rumour mill has turned out to be right, as the long-speculated existence of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale has finally been confirmed.

The new title is currently in development at SuperBot Entertainment, and the game was available for hands-on sessions at a recent PlayStation even in Los Angeles.

Following the same basic idea as Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale sees classic Sony characters waging war against each other in arena combat.

Six characters were available during the demo: Kratos from the God of War series, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, Killzone 2’s Colonel Radec, Parappa the Rapper (awesome), and cake-eating downloadable chubster Fat Princess.

The current demo focused on the multiplayer mode, however producer Ivan Glaze told joystiq.com that a single player mode is in development.

As well as mixing up franchises, there’s a variety of levels based on Sony environments, including Kratos’s underworld, Ratchet & Clank-esque arenas and a LittleBigPlanet level. 

There are some screenshots available at the link above, as well as a little more information on the demo version of the game.

It might cut a little too close to Smash Bros. for Nintendo fans, but as a gamer with a self-confessed Sony bias, I’m looking forward to how this one plays out. 

Although further characters are obviously yet to be added, the developers are keeping that information close to their chests at this stage.

So, we want to know who you guys want to see included – are you keen to see Cloud Strife sparring with Cole MacGrath? Or Jak smacking Sackboy? I’ll be posting my own wish-list later in the week. 

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