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Wii Mini set for Canadian Christmas launch

Nintendo is pushing to own the holiday market with a new Wii Mini console to be launched on December 7.

The ‘new’ console comes in red, complete with a red Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk controllers; it’s smaller than the original Wii and is designed to lie flat, and photos are currently suggesting the device will be top-loading.

Perhaps more importantly for fans (and Nintendo) is the price – the Wii Mini will retail at around $99. But before you get too excited, the Mini will initially only be available in Canada with no signs of it going to other places.

“No information is available about its potential availability in other territories in the future,” a Nintendo press release reads.

I would say, however that if the console does well enough we can expect to see it in other regions of the globe, including little old New Zealand.

Other downsides are that the console features no internet connectivity or GameCube backwards compatibility, but will be compatible with every Wii game (minus the internet-based features).

That of course means no access to digital games as the console won’t be able to access the Nintendo eShop.

However it’s the price that is important because by becoming the cheapest, most cost-effective console on the market a company can continue turning a profit on older consoles.

For example, Sony released a PS2 for less than a hundred dollars just before the release of the PS3, thus extending the older console’s popularity and sales long after it became outdated.

Take a look at some early pictures of the console here and let us know your thoughts.

Would it be popular amongst Kiwis, or have Nintendo made a wise move limiting its availability?

* Image: CVG

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