FutureFive NZ - Wii U finally outsells PS3…in Japan

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Wii U finally outsells PS3…in Japan

Although many believe the Wii U to be a generation of console all on its own, the events of the past week might change a few minds.

Coming off a shaky few months following the console’s launch, the Wii U finally managed to outsell the Playstation 3 this week. In Japan.

This leap in sales performance can probably be attributed to the Japanese release of Dragon Quest X and Game & Wario, which are two titles that most likely won’t prove as popular in the international market.

However, if Dragon Quest X succeeds in Japan it may get some notice and a wider release as an entry in a very popular RPG franchise.

Although that’s perhaps not the massive turning of the tide required, Gamestop chief executive Paul Raines says the gaming community is not taking the Wii U seriously enough.

“This industry has a lot of cynicism and people love to say stuff isn’t going to work, but we think the Wii U is a real console that’s been disappointing for a couple months, but we think there’s more there when the first-party titles come out," he says

"Nintendo’s got a few up their sleeve.”

On top of that, he went so far as to say that the apparently lukewarm reception to new consoles and the perception of a general lack of interest is inaccurate.

“We don’t subscribe to that," he says.

"The cool thing with Gamestop is, we’ve got a lot of gamers here and we’ve got a lot of people who’ve seen every console cycle.

"And what’s interesting to me – I was talking to one of our founders, Dan DeMatteo, and he was telling me every console cycle you get people who will say ‘there will never be another console,’ or ‘what else can the consoles do?’

"And we just believe it’s a cycle and we just haven’t had a new product in so long.”

Do you guys believe it? Will the Wii U take off when we start to see better first-party titles? Let us know what games would make the Wii U a must buy for you.

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