FutureFive NZ - Will Apple's Q3 earnings be a snooze fest?

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Will Apple's Q3 earnings be a snooze fest?

Many believe Apple's latest financial report, set for tomorrow (NZT), will be drama free.

And with no iPhone or iPad update expected - are they right?

Set to be revealed via a conference call, the build-up to an Apple earnings report is usually filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Not so much this time however.

Famed for not giving anything away, CEO Tim Cook last time out spoke of the company's plans to release products towards the back-end of 2013 - leaving the tech hacks to speculate the specific details.

But following rumours of a potentially larger iPhone and iPad screens, and even an Apple iWatch, there has still been no noise from Cupertino.

Such quietness appears to have irked investors however, with many hoping the tech giant can once again show the world why they are leaders of innovation and creativity. In essence, shareholders want another trend setter.

Could it be the iWatch? Potentially. Cook and co have been aggressive in their recruitment of wearable tech experts, but don't go expecting fireworks come tomorrow.

That said, anything Apple related usually draws the crowds. And despite the third quarter posing little if any importance compared to previous and future periods, most will be fixated to events in Silicon Valley.

Business Insider journalist Jay Yarrow sums up the Apple enigma best, comparing the company to Tiger Woods, an analogy rather fitting it must be said.

"Tiger Woods is no longer Tiger Woods," Yarrow wrote. "He’s very good, probably the best golfer on the planet, but he’s not Tiger F. Woods...

"Despite Tiger’s struggles, he’s still the most compelling man in golf. His icy demeanor, his attempt to capture five more majors, his talent, his struggles, they all add up to something that’s electric, despite the so-so play.

"Now, Apple.

"For years, Apple was a mind-melting company that always destroyed expectations. It was history in the making, and it was awe-inspiring. Just like the old Tiger.

"Lately, Apple has become just another company. It’s still (arguably) the best tech company in the world, but it’s not the. best. tech. company. in the world, period.

"Its earnings are missing estimates, guidance is lower than expected, and in general a bit more, meh. Just like the new Tiger."

Apple may now be perceived as being duller than in previous years, but is that such a bad thing?

Cook has constantly fended off criticisms regarding the company's level of innovation since the death of Steve Jobs, but is it just a case of other firms catching up? Rather than Apple going backwards?

 Are you expecting fireworks from Cupertino tomorrow? Tell us your predictions below

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