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Is the Windows 10 new music app a Spotify clone?

Microsoft has released a glimpse of what it is planning for its music app coming with Windows 10. 

On an Xbox support page, the tech giant offers a detailed description of what the music app will bring to users. 

A screen shot on the support page shows an overhauled interface with a darker theme, which many are tipping as a rip off of Spotify. The existing Windows music app included in the Windows 10 Technical Preview is largely unchanged from the Windows 8 version. 

The dark theme, left-loaded menu and main artist interface are distinctly Spotify-like, not to mention recent tracks and suggested playlist features on the right hand side. 

Users of the Windows 10 Technical Preview will have to search for the new Music Preview in the store, and the app will be installed alongside the standard Music app. 

Users will be able to listen to music ripped from CDs, as well access millions of songs available in the Xbox Music catalogue, songs purchased from iTunes or other services, and playlists already created. 

Microsoft notes there are some current issues with the preview. 

On Desktop, there’s no context menu when users right-click or press/hold on an item. Users can still access secondary actions by tapping or clicking Select and then choosing an item.

The Music Preview app doesn’t yet support purchases in the Store or, for Music Pass holders, browsing the catalogue or playing radio. Until this is resolved, users need to use the standard Music app to buy or stream music.

Users can use the Shuffle all feature on their collection of music, but can’t shuffle their “Now Playing” queue, playlists, or albums.

Windows 10 is expected to be released to the general public by late July in 111 languages and 190 countries.