Windows Phone 7 gets new Twitter app

01 Nov 10

App developer IdentityMine has been working with Microsoft and Twitter to create a custom-designed Twitter experience for Windows Phone 7.

This new Twitter app features the ability to search and browse the Twitterverse without logging in or creating an account, the ability to flip between views and separate content using the phone’s Pivot and Panorama controls; and the option to select between different visual design themes.
“It was critical for us to make the full Twitter experience available on WP7,” said Chad Brown, SVP of Sales and Marketing, IdentityMine. “Of Twitter’s active users, more than 37% use their phone to tweet, making it important to take complete advantage of Microsoft’s new mobile platform. Our goal in working with Microsoft and Twitter was to deliver a consumer experience that is both familiar, yet unique for this medium.”

IdentityMine worked with Silverlight and Microsoft web services to create a working proof of concept before it went into full production. 
“This was a three-way partnership with Microsoft, Twitter and IdentityMine,” added John Zolezzi,  Senior User Experience Developer, IdentityMine. “Using Silverlight, we were able to take advantage of all the functionality that Windows Phone 7 has to offer including the use of Pivot and Panorama controls and the Metro style.   The result is an authentic extension of the Twitter online experience.”

The Twitter app is one of six apps IdentityMine created for Windows Phone 7. 

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