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Wolfire announces "choose what you pay" charity bundle

06 May 10

Independent game developer Wolfire has announced it will
sell a bundle of five games –with a combined retail value of US$80 (NZ$111.50).
However, the developer will allow the user to choose the amount they wish to
pay for the bundle, with some of the proceeds going to the Child’s Play and the
Electronic Frontier Foundation charities.

The "Humble Indie Bundle" allows gamers to specify exactly how
much they wish to pay for the five games and also the split of revenue between
the developer and the charities; either an ‘even split’, ‘all to the developers’
or ‘all to the charities’.

The full list of games is World of Goo, Lugaru HD, Gish,
Aquaria and Penumbra Overture. All are compatible with Mac, Linux and PC.

You can watch a video detailing the bundle and even view
real-time statistics of buyer contributions at the Humble Indie Bundle page at Wolfire's official site.  At the time of writing 35,803 gamers had
contributed US$282,309; an average of US$7.89 per individual.

Thanks to Ryan Vincent for the tip!