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WolfVision announces new range of visualisers
Tue, 17th May 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

WolfVision has announced a new range of visualisers to help meet multiple industries demands for remote learning and educational solutions.

The company says the new VZ-3neo.UHD and VZ-8neo.UHD models will bring better knowledge-sharing and collaboration capabilities to a variety of industries, with more freedom to explore content, 3D objects, and digital materials in remote situations.

Applications of the products can be utilised in many areas of a business, as well as during a class or a court proceeding.

Users can enhance presentations with newly engineered optical and electrical components on the VZ-3neo.UHD and VZ-8neo.UHD.

The company says these new devices are made with user-friendly, high-performance imaging systems that create clear pictures and results, with an ultra-high-definition camera with 4K UHD output and an LED light system attached.

Other key features of the new device include:

  • An LCD touchscreen preview monitor with a swipe-through advanced settings menu.
  • Variable-speed zoom range.
  • High-speed continuous autofocus, manual focus, and 9-point touch and focus mode.
  • Remote management tools; adjustment-free lighting and flexible external control.

There are also FHD recording and streaming features that allow more options when it comes to recording and streaming important visuals.

Also included in the new offerings is the vSolution Link Pro software for remote management and firmware updates.

Both products also have a lamp lifetime of 30,000 hours, and an LED system which allows for high light output and low power consumption.

Specifications for the VZ-3 neo.UHD are:

A 4K UHD with 30 frames per second. Depth of focus on small objects at 20mm (0,8") and for large objects at 120mm (4,7"), with a 12x zoom.

And for the VZ-8neo.UHD:

A 4K UHD with 60 frames per second in all resolutions. Depth of focus on small objects at 5mm (0,4") and for large objects at 100mm (3,9"), with a 24x zoom. This model also features a 2160p UHD recording and streaming to better capture and distribute materials.

"The new VZ-3neo.UHD and VZ-8neo.UHD visualisers can provide more freedom to explore content, 3D objects, and digital materials, whenever and wherever the audience may be," the company remarks in a press release statement.

WolfVision provides a portfolio of visualisers, optoelectronic presentation systems and vSolution as associated integrated communications solutions.

They supply to a variety of channel partners worldwide, with key markets across the APAC region. Their solutions are utilised in educational facilities, business environments, court/legal rooms and across the healthcare sector.