01 Aug 10

WITH THE END OF ANOTHER XLAN come the results of the New Zealand World Cyber Games qualifi ers for another year. Those teams and individuals that won at xLAN’s WCG qualifi ers earn the right to represent New Zealand and the world fi nals in Los Angeles from September 30th. However, due to funding issues it’s uncertain as to how many of the winners will actually make it over. “At the moment that’s pretty much the only thing that’s holding us back,” said xLAN organiser Craig Nimmo. “But we’ve got a few months up our sleeve.”
Team Sidewinder – the gaming team behind the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 tips in the last issue of Game Console – came away with four podium fi nishes this year. Most notably, they managed a win over Exile5 in Battlefi eld: Bad Company 2 8v8 Conquest after losing to them at the recent EA Cup. Also, Team Sidewinder’s Guitar Hero 5 competitor “Rudeism” managed to snatch an upset win over two-time defending champion (and this month’s Improve Your Game contributor) Mason “m4ssiah” Maddox. Rudeism will head to LA to compete in the World Cyber Games Guitar Hero 5 fi nals. Team Parallax took out the Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament, and Game Console understands that Parallax plans to head over to LA for the World Cyber Games fi nals.

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