FutureFive NZ - World tour workshop teaches drone photography


World tour workshop teaches drone photography

It’s only a matter of time before drones become a mainstay in everyday consumers’ lives, and here’s a chance to get an amazing bit of practise. DJI, the world’s leading maker of drones both personal and professional, is partnering with photographer and videographer Elia Locardi to launch the DJI Drone Photography Workshop world tour this year.

Elia will take workshop participants to some of the most picturesque destinations in the world to get a unique experience using this drone photography, which is rapidly increasing in popularity..

The workshop will teach technical aspects, and a mastery of drone photography (in the field as well as in post-processing) as well as safe drone piloting techniques.

DJI will hook participants up with complimentary access and special discounts to their latest drone and imaging technology.

“We are very excited about this program because it will allow more people to experience the joy of flight while discovering some of the hidden gems around the world,” says Paul Moore, DJI’s creative director.“

“Learning how to fly with DJI's aerial platforms has become much easier and intuitive, thanks to the on-board intelligence and safety features. Once users have mastered their flying skills, the natural progression is to perfect their camera work.”

“The workshop is a great opportunity for participants to build on the fundamental techniques and open their eyes to a whole new world of creative possibilities."

Elia Locardi himself is a renowned videographer and photographer, who lives a mobile lifestyle and has been ‘location independent’ since 2012. He has visited more than 55 countries and had his work featured in publications such as Professional Photographer Magazine, Fstoppers and National Geographic.

His unique and widely recognised style of photography comes from his vision to let others see the world as he does; Full of colour, texture, beauty and emotion. Elia has a huge following of close to 3 million people across his various social media platforms.

Each workshop runs for two and a half days, starting in Lisbon, Portugal on May 19 then on to Menorca Island, Spain in June, Singapore in August, and finally U.S. and Switzerland in the second half of 2017. There are only 12 spots in each workshop, and it’s on a first-come-first-served basis.

For more information or to sign up, click here.

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