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WWE 2K18 'Enduring Icons' DLC Pack Is Now Available On PS4, Xbox One And PC

17 Jan 2018

2K Games has now released the brand new 'Enduring Icons' DLC pack for WWE 2K18. It adds five new legendary wrestlers for you to play as. 

The 'Enduring Icons' DLC pack in WWE 2K18 includes Beth Phoenix, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are part of the legndary tag-team called The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express while Beth Phoenix was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year and is a former Women's Champion. 

Matt and Jeff Hardy will be well known to fans of the WWE's Attitude Era. They are a part of The Hardy Boyz tag-team and are real life brothers. 

That said, WWE 2K18 will only include their older gimmick. You will have to create the 'Woken' version of Matt Hardy if you want to make the game as updated as possible. 

In New Zealand, the Enduring Icons DLC pack will set you back $15.95 NZD. Alternatively, you can just get the Season Pass which includes more DLC packs. 

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