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You can now download Te Papa’s national art collection

Te Papa has partnered with Wellington start-up Excio to offer an initial 150 images to download from the national art collection.

Excio is an award-winning mobile app that puts stunning artworks and photographic imagery on the home screens of Android devices. 

The app was conceived by Excio during their time in Te Papa’s innovative accelerator programme, Mahuki, which gives start-up technology businesses the opportunity to develop their ideas and take them to a wider market. 
The Excio platform was originally developed for museums and galleries and has now grown to include libraries, archives, individual artists and photographers from around the world, essentially any organisation that holds a catalogue of beautiful images.
Melissa Firth, Te Papa chief digital officer says, “Excio is a way for Te Papa to engage with people on a more personal level and for people to engage with art more personally.

“It is also an exciting way for us to share some of our national treasures beyond our physical walls.” 

The start-up was one of ten teams in Te Papa’s inaugural Mahuki accelerator programme in 2016.

On Thursday 16 November, the innovators from this year’s accelerator programme, Te Papa’s Mahuki,  will showcase their business propositions outlining how their digital solutions can address the challenges faced by Te Papa and other cultural service providers across New Zealand and the world.

Excio aims to display meaningful and stimulating images on the home screens of mobile devices. 

The company’s mission is to enable people to explore the amazing world around them without having to actively or consciously do so. 

To achieve this mission, Excio works with people and organisations around the globe to bring their artworks, photographs and collections to life.

 Excio is looking for the most interesting and unique content to be exhibited on the home screens of thousands of mobile devices that will engage, educate and change the lives of others.

Excio won The David Awards 2017 for most innovative NZ business, was the national winner of the Demo the World competition and finalists in the emerging gold category of the Wellington Gold Awards.

See how the app works below:

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