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You think you cooler than me: Apple or Samsung?

13 Feb 13

Now that you have the annoying Mike Posner song in your head, try turning your thoughts to the Samsung versus Apple battle for coolness. Cut and dried you say? Only because you’re siding with the gadget you have in your pocket.

The New York Times goes into considerable detail examining the underpinnings of each of the mobile phone big boys; it notes that Apple’s tech tends towards consumer electronics while Sammy has a lot more besides. Of course, Samsung also actually *makes* stuff, including the chips and screens in iPhones, where Apple just designs it and has kids slaves valued personnel in the Foxconn factories screw it all together.

Be that as it may. Measuring cool is a bit like measuring mojo: we can’t even define either particularly well, let alone bust out a suitable scale for it. We’re also not quite sure if cool can be tied to the many billions of dollars that go into R&D from both organisations. What we CAN be sure of is that as these two companies slug it out, we’re all likely to get ever-better gadgets out of it.

And that’s pretty cool.