Your Venue

26 Oct 10

Are you travelling or holidaying in New Zealand and want to know the best places to Eat, Drink or Listen to bands! Or do you already live in Aotearoa and want to find the best venue deals in your area! Say hello to "Your Venue" it’s your starting point for Venue Specials throughout New Zealand. The application is run by venues loading there specials weekly, so you are always up to date with Eating, Drinking and Listening to band deals! Use our app to locate the closest venue and specials to you anywhere in New Zealand, if the restaurant, cafe, bar or band is a member of "Your Venues" then you will be able to find the deals. You can view venues via an overall map view! Or get directions to a venue of your choice. You can even start a favourites list and always keep up to date with specials regularly. You can even see the band that’s playing and if there is a cover charge. Next time you’re planning a night out, check in with "Your Venue" to see where to go!

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