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YouSendIt users surpass Dropbox

03 Jun 2011

Thanks to a lucrative deal with YahooMail, file-sharing service YouSendIt now boasts it has surpassed 30 million unique users in the past 12 months. 

According Fast Company, YouSendIt's partnership with Yahoo Mail helped add one million users in around two months. 

Fast Company said the company had a 60 percent revenue growth in 2010, but notes: 

"Still, while YouSendIt has chosen to highlight total unique users, the real proof of a company's success is its registered and premium usership. Currently, YouSendIt has 400,000 paid subscribers and 18 million registered users--by comparison, Dropbox boasted of reaching 25 million registered users in April."

Main competitor Dropbox passed 25 million registered users in April.