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Zuckerberg approves new Facebook Like button

08 Nov 2013

"Together, the Like and Share buttons are viewed over 22 billion times daily across more than 7.5 million websites."

That's according to Facebook developer Ray C. He, who has this morning revealed the social media giant's revamped versions to the world.

After introducing the Like button to the world in 2010, the updated buttons will be rolled out to everyone in the coming weeks via an automatic upgrade.

"Like and Share are important drivers of Facebook referral traffic, which is larger than all other social networks combined according to a recent Shareaholic report," C. He wrote.

"Today, we're introducing a new design for both Like and Share to help people share more great content across the web.

"We're already seeing a favorable increase in Likes and Shares with the new design and will be rolling these buttons out to everyone in the coming weeks.

"If you are currently using the old Like button, you'll be automatically upgraded to the new design as part of our roll out."

C. He also claims Facebook has made it easy for you to include the Like and Share buttons side by side and the Share button by itself, as revealed in more detail below:

Six months in the making…

With the Like button presence almost guaranteed on most websites, the company's product manager Ling Bao acknowledges the button to be "one of Facebook's most valuable brand assets.

Taking six months in the making, the final design needed sign-off from the company's designers, legal team and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

"It's not easy designing a button used by the whole internet," Bao adds.

"This product has a lot of unique constraints, and is used by so many sites in different contexts."