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SC Ventures launches fintech startup for retail banking
SC Ventures has launched Appro, a fintech startup, to simplify the retail banking user journey, aiming to foster greater efficiency in application processes for retail banking products.
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Data Protection
Aqua Security unveils out-of-the-box runtime protection
Aqua Security has launched out-of-the-box runtime protection with minimal configuration to stop attacks in real-time on running workloads.
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How using federated databases can enhance collaboration
The word 'federation' may bring to mind a governmental body, which is a fitting metaphor for understanding the concept of data federation.
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Crypto app downloads down as market crashes - report
It appears the mass FOMO around crypto investing may be wearing thin with new data revealing a noticeable drop in crypto app downloads this year.
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Amazon Web Services / AWS
Aqua Security partners with CMD to support customers on AWS
Aqua Security has entered a strategic partnership with CMD to support customers seeking to secure their cloud-native applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
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Cloud is a tool, not a destination
For many years, “cloud” has been thought of as a destination which has led to a misguided strategy that sees an enterprise trying to shift all its applications to a single cloud provider – regardless of the specific needs and nuances of each individual workload.
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Cyber Criminal
Identity and access: the fight is on
Blue team defenders are used to protecting our data, applications, and users with access controls and other security mechanisms, which is why attacks like this are especially challenging when they target identity and access control systems.
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Industry-first comprehensive risk-based API security enhances protection
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become a crucial part of operating web and mobile application businesses and are causing significant economic growth in the digital sector.
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Australia worst in the world for mobile app threats
Australia is the country with the highest percentage of mobile app threats detected, according to new research.
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SnapLogic improves Intelligent Integration Platform
SnapLogic has released new features and improvements to its Intelligent Integration Platform, which will allow IT, data and business teams to make select processes faster and more straightforward.
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Cisco launches Panoptica and Calisti, latest API-first solutions
These tools are designed to aid in faster application development, and provide modern application connectivity, security and observability.
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Data Science
Snowflake announces Snowpark for Python and other updates
Snowflake has revealed new enhancements to improve programmability for data scientists, data engineers and application developers.
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Secure Code Warrior
Secure Code Warrior adds new solution to Okta Integration Network
The company says the new technology enables a cohesive approach to secure coding, ensuring developers meet requirements before committing code.
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Xero announces financial news and new updates in monthly wrap
Xero has announced a successful revenue growth in its new annual report, along with a variety of new product enhancements and a new plan.
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Appian helps increase Pepper Money's business volumes with low-code solution
Appian has announced it has helped finance company Pepper Money improve business volumes by 70% for its SOLANA platform.
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F5 partners with Microsoft for Azure application delivery
F5 has released NGINX for Microsoft Azure, a native service offering developed in partnership with Microsoft to help A/NZ customers easily provide modern applications on Azure.
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Third-party automotive apps bear significant privacy risks
Mobile applications for connected cars provide various features to make life easier for motorists, but they can also be a source of risk.