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Disability news stories

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Apple previews new features for users with disabilities
Apple says new software features that offer users with disabilities new tools for navigation, health and communication, are set to come out later this year.
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Microsoft unveils adaptive accessories for disability access
Microsoft is introducing an expansive Inclusive Tech Lab to give people with disabilities greater access to technology through new software features and adaptive accessories.
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How safe is New Zealand’s disabled community online?
According to the Office for Disability Issues (ODI), those with disabilities account for 25% of Aotearoa's population, so what are we doing to ensure the safety of this community online?
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Sydney consulting firm launches new social impact practice
HTANALYSTS has launched a consulting practice to deliver capabilities in social impact measurement, govt services, sustainability, aged care and disability.
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Infosys: Digital accessibility still needs work in A/NZ region
“It’s important for organisations to build digital assets and services that are born accessible. The business case, ethical case, and social good case all support this."
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Department of Internal Affairs
Workbridges launches digital platform for disabled business owners
Grow Digital aims to help disabled small business owners improve their digital business presence and growth.
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auticon highlight benefits of cognitive diversity on Disabilities Day
A timely reminder that many people on the autism spectrum are able to bring new ways of thinking and problem-solving to tech challenges.
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Microsoft launches program to help people with disabilities excel in tech
Microsoft wants to help people with disabilities excel in their technology careers, which is why it has launched a first-of-its-kind pilot program to achieve those goals.
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Over 80% of people living with a disability say recruitment bias exists
The data was found in a survey of 1,033 people by recruiting company Hays, who raised this issue in conjunction with the International Day of People with Disability (IDOPwD) today.