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4000+ unwanted gifts listed on Trade Me by Boxing Day
Thu, 29th Dec 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

New Zealanders turned to Trade Me to offload presents that missed the mark this Christmas, with Santa not quite delivering the goods for many this Christmas.

Trade Me spokesperson Millie Silvester said by 9am on Boxing Day, 4,300 presents that didn’t do the trick had been listed on the online marketplace, including an empty Roses chocolates wrapper of ‘disappointment’, a sterling silver bracelet given to someone who is allergic to sterling silver, and a 3D Llama mug.

Silvester says the number of unwanted presents had skyrocketed following New Zealand's biggest gift giving day of the year.

 “It’s become a bit of a Kiwi tradition to jump on Trade Me on Boxing Day and check out, or list, the gifts that didn’t make the cut. In 2021 we saw 70,000 searches for unwanted gifts on Boxing Day, and it’s no surprise that this year isn’t any different," she says.

Since the start of Christmas Day the site had already been flooded with over 8,000 searches for unwanted presents.

According to a recent Christmas survey with 2,500 participants, most Kiwi said they unwrap a dud every Christmas. “Just over half (51%) of Kiwi told us they typically receive at least one unwanted gift at Christmas, with 5% of these receiving four or more prezzies they’re not keen on.”

The survey also found that while there were some differing opinions when it came to onselling presents, on the whole, Kiwi feel pretty good about offloading unwanted gifts for cash.

"Forty per cent of Aotearoa said they’d feel okay if they were to find out that an item they gifted to someone was onsold, and 7% would actually be happy about it," Silvester says.

“We reckon this comes down to our loved ones wanting us to get the most use out of the gifts they give us, even if that means trading it in for something that might be a better fit.”

When it comes to telling gift-givers how they really feel, most Kiwis won’t admit they didn’t get it right, with 69% of respondents saying they would turn their frown upside down and pretend to like a gift they aren’t too stoked about.

“Sixteen per cent of New Zealanders would put on a brave face and find a use for an unwanted gift. Sixteen per cent of us would donate them to charity, and another 15% would regift it.”

“If you’re thinking about listing an unwanted Christmas gift on Trade Me, make sure to tick the ‘unwanted gift’ box when you’re listing your item onsite," Silvester says.

“A good backstory always goes down well, but if you’re trying to keep your reselling on the down-low, avoid making your listing identifiable in case the giver is hunting for a bargain on Trade Me too!”