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80’s Singstar Action

Hear the names and the songs just pop in to your head. Sony is pleased to announce that, in response to lobbying from SingStar fans around the world - the definitive nostalgic music experience - SingStar ‘80s is on its way. Providing pop kids with a great excuse to dig out the neon T-shirts, the frilly shirts or lace fingerless gloves, SingStar ‘80s fills your home with the tunes that topped the charts in Europe and around the world, from leading artists including The Cure, Kate Bush, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Erasure and Simple Minds. Journey back in time and indulge in nostalgic classics such as “We Built this City” by Starship and, god help us all - even “Ice, Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice. Now all you need to do is raid your wardrobe, put on your make-up, peroxide your hair, line up that power ballad and wow the crowd!

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